The Team

Ray frigoRay frigo

Ray Frigo

is the CEO of Ticketbud. Ray brings over 25 years of experience across numerous industries, including retail and financial services. He has lived and travelled all over the U.S. and the world and chose Austin as his home because of everything the city has to offer. Come check out Austin and Ticketbud.

Brandon smileBrandon zoolander

Brandon Harris

is a Big Ten graduate from the University of Wisconsin. He enjoys solving problems and pondering the bigger picture. While adept at technical aspects of problem solving, he enjoys the creative side of web development as well. A music festival junkie, when in his natural habitat you might find him enjoying a good IPA.

Jack smileJack tongue

Jack Meredith

spearheads all customer communication and you've more than likely talked to him if your event has gone through Ticketbud. Outside of improving the user experience and exploring new markets, you might run into him at one of the many festivals or shows he attends. He studied Digital Media Management and Finance at St. Edward's University.

Ben smileBen rocker

Ben Schwartz

is a proud graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Radio-Television-Film. His many roles as Marketing Manager include multimedia content creation and management of all of Ticketbud’s social media channels. Outside of working to spread the Ticketbud love, Ben is a movie-loving, soccer-playing, Austinite with a record bowling score of 250.

Nathaniel smileNathaniel relaxed

Nathaniel Jones

is an active member of the Ruby community and what some might describe as a unicorn. He's a purveyor of fine scotches and proud owner of a dog named "Meta".

Luke duncanLuke duncan weirdo

Luke Duncan

hails from Aberdeen, Scotland but now calls Austin home. If you've sent an email to Ticketbud, given us a phone call or been on live chat; you've more than likely talked to Luke. Outside of Ticketbud he enjoys playing soccer, hitting the links and riding his bike around the city

Sean normalSean grandad


is one of Austin’s infamous California transplants! When he isn’t analyzing search engine rankings and marketing opportunities, you can find him lifting heavy things and putting them down again, reading a good book, or pursuing artistic endeavors.

Blake normalBlake mate


is a Digital Media Management graduate from St. Edwards University. He has always had a passion for event logistics and show coordination within Austin's local live music scene, and the only thing matching his love for yerba maté is seeing other's events come to life on Ticketbud's platform.

Megan 1Megan 2


is a social media junkie and so, naturally, is in charge of the social streams at Ticketbud. She has an MBA with a concentration in digital media management from St. Edward's University and when not scrolling through Instagram feeds, she enjoys far too much coffee and her dog, Zoe.

MattMatt 2


is a new addition to Ticketbud. Matthew is involved in our customer operations. Between providing customer support, testing out new features for our organizer's tool belt and funneling feedback to the rest of the team, He can be found in the office making coffee with Nathaniel's chemex and sometimes sharing the leftovers.

Our Story

Ticketbud was built on the idea and through a passion that anyone, anywhere in the world wanting to organize an event should have the tools to do so at little to no cost to themselves. We continue to promote this idea every day by creating software that allows people to gather and collectively share their passions and interests.

We believe events and, most importantly, the people behind events, play a vital role in making the world a smarter, happier, healthier and better place. Events bring people together to create memories, improve lives and build communities. The Ticketbud's team utmost belief is that that everyone should have the opportunity to organize and be a part of the shared experiences which truly make us human.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower passionate individuals and groups regardless of their resources and budget to make a difference through the shared experiences and collective power of events. From a local fundraiser to a gala, our goal is to provide a platform that fosters activism and helps organizers generate proceeds for their cause.